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Meet the ONE GUY who completed Candy Crush

Written by on 11 April 2023

Yes, you read it right… Believe it or not there has been one person who has completed Candy Crush Okay before you start freaking out… don’t worry, there’s a high possibility your level on Candy Crush may be literally a thousand times more than his right now Back in 2013, a man named Simon Leung […]

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You Can Now Experience How Death Feels Through Virtual Reality

Written by on 30 March 2023

An Australian artist is bringing the experience of death to life via a participatory virtual reality simulator, showing people what it could be like as you’re dying. His interactive work guides participants through a simulated de-escalation of life, from cardiac arrest to brain death. Gladwell described the experience as “moving away from yourself and then […]

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Would you give this punishment to your kid?

Written by on 19 March 2023

A parent in China has been under fire from social media after revealing a form of punishment he gave to his son. It is believed that his son was playing mobile games on his phone after midnight when he got caught by his dad. As punishment, his dad made him play for 17 hours straight […]

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A Night Light Straight Out Of Your Nightmares

Written by on 15 February 2023

A little light on your wall would help guide you to the bathroom at 3am, but now thanks to this Black Mirror-esque invention, you can be guided by a creepy spider!     A Japanese IT engineer that goes by the name of Ianius, freaked out the internet recently by posting his walking spider night […]

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Lab-grown brain cells play video game Pong

Written by on 20 October 2022

Researchers have grown brain cells in a lab that have learned to play the 1970s tennis-like video game, ‘Pong.’     Mini-brains were first produced in 2013, to study microcephaly, a genetic disorder where the brain is too small, and have since been used for research into brain development.   How It Works Researchers grew […]

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iPhone 14 is Expensive As F**!

Written by on 20 September 2022

No doubt we like technology and keeping up to date with the latest gizmos. Last week the iPhone 14, Plus, Pro and Pro Max was released and WOW has it been getting a lot of attention BUT NOT FOR THE SPECS It’s the price and the lack of said specs With the Pro Max going […]

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