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Super Rugby Pacific Promo Video Makes Us Proud to be Fijians

Written by on 14 February 2024

Super Rugby Pacific has released their Promo video for the 2024 season and it is vibes. With the increased Fijian representation with the inclusion of  Swire Shipping Fijian Drua and streams of Fijian players past and present has made the background music in the promo video fitting and no brainer. The Promo features Fijian hymn […]

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5 Children Who Were Born Deaf Can Now Hear Thanks To One Injection

Written by on 31 January 2024

A groundbreaking gene therapy technique has provided the gift of hearing to five children who were born deaf. This innovative method, designed to overcome challenges posed by large genes, holds promise for potential applications in various treatments, according to researchers.     Conducted in Fudan, China, the study was a collaborative effort led by researchers […]

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IOS 17.4 – New Emojis!

Written by on 28 January 2024

Apple has just released the iOS 17.4 beta, and it’s a big deal because there are new emojis! The new emojis are part of the Emoji version 15.1 release that was announced in September 2023. The images include Broken Chain, Brown Mushroom, Head Shaking Horizontally, Head Shaking Vertically, Lime, and Phoenix. There are also four new non-gender-specifying family emoji. Also […]

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There’s a phone accessory available that allows you to kiss your LD lover

Written by on 12 December 2023

emote Kiss, a bizarre phone accessory that recently hit the Chinese market, allegedly allows users to experience the intimacy of kissing even when they are thousands of miles apart. Advertised as a way to allow long-distance couples to experience physical intimacy, Remote Kiss relies on pressure sensors, actuators, and soft silicone to recreate the user’s […]

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