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Woman Steals $5,646.25 FJD Worth Of Cups, Gets Arrested

Written by on 23 January 2024

A 23-year-old woman from California was arrested for reportedly stealing Stanley cups and tumblers valued at $2,500 from a local store, amid heightened excitement surrounding the stainless steel products, according to authorities.   On Wednesday, the Roseville Police Department responded to a Rocklin, Calif., store where clerks reported that a woman had filled a shopping […]

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Written by on 17 January 2024

Grog/ Kava: Kava, also known as yaqona or sakau, is a traditional beverage made from the roots of the kava plant (Piper methysticum). It has cultural and social significance in many Pacific Island nations, including Fiji. Kava has been consumed for centuries in rituals, ceremonies, and social gatherings. In Fiji, kava is prepared by grinding […]

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Written by on 24 December 2023

We all love to be spoiled by our partner every once in a while right? Well, sometimes, wanting too much of those”spoiled affection” can lead to some jail time. Like Takashi Miyagawa, 39, who was arrested in Japan back in 2021 for scamming 35 women. The serial dater informed each victim that he desired a […]

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FM96 DYKs : How the cookies that the ‘Cookie Monster’ scarfs down on the Sesame Street are made

Written by on 18 December 2023

Did you know that Cookie Monster’s cookies are, in fact real, although the recipe doesn’t sound all that appetizing? Because this is the type of information that you NEED TO KNOW, and because it’s the info that you count on us for…a “Sesame Street” staffer has spilt the baked goods on how the cookies are […]

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The Crab That Got Away

Written by on 17 December 2023

A few weeks ago (prolly 2-3 weeks ago), my Dad and my Uncle came home from Naitasiri with a bag of Ginger, coconuts, dalo leaves, vudi, freshwater mussels and a bag of cabbages. As soon as Dad dropped off our food (outside the house and I had to carry everything inside), he told me that […]

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