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Author: Maraia "Maya" Vavaitamana

The Go2 Excuse Person.

Written by on 13 April 2024

When it comes to your friends, there will always be that one person who is there to bail you out of anything and everything. That one person who your parents see as a good influence but in truth is the total opposite of what they see them as. It could be a friend, a sibling […]

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Stop Vandalism In Fiji

Written by on 9 April 2024

In cities worldwide, the blight of vandalism on public property tarnishes the beauty of our shared spaces.   Determined to halt this destructive trend, communities unite. Armed with spray cans and passion, they repaint defaced walls and install surveillance.   As the sun sets on their tireless campaign, the streets once plagued by graffiti vandalism […]

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Highlights – Suva Zone 1

Written by on 4 April 2024

As the 2024 Coca-Cola Games approaches, schools all around Fiji and their individual zones are gearing up and training to their fullest potential to claim the 2024 Coca-Cola Games title. Today is DAY ONE of Suva Zone 1, and here are the highlights of today’s games: Leone Salele Vulakeibau winning the 1500 Intermediate Boys. Naikasio […]

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Stop Leaving People On Seen

Written by on 2 April 2024

In this day and age where technology has become somewhat a staple in every household, humans have adapted to and even grown to need it’s existence. With it’s invention comes social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Viber to name a few.   Such platforms allows users to connect and socialise via chat portals. Regardless of […]

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Stay Safe This Long Easter Weekend.

Written by on 29 March 2024

When it comes to long weekends like the one ahead of us, it is safe to say that some eventful adventures do not always go the way we expect them to. Sometimes it’s that unplanned spontaneous moment that makes a good story for when you return back from your trip, but not all unplanned moments […]

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A Guy That Changed His Name To “Literally Anybody Else” Is Now Running For President

Written by on 29 March 2024

A Texas educator, dissatisfied with the limited presidential choices of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, has taken an unconventional route by legally adopting the name “Literally Anybody Else” and throwing his hat into the ring for the White House. Formerly known as Dustin Ebey, this U.S. Army veteran has launched a campaign website outlining his […]

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