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Author: Maraia "Maya" Vavaitamana

50% Of Married Women Have A Backup Lover

Written by on 30 November 2023

Half of all women reportedly have a “Plan B,” or someone they’re keeping on the back burner in case their current relationship doesn’t work out, according to a survey by the British business   Furthermore, married women are more likely to be considering another man in the event of a divorce than single women. […]

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New Zealand Disregards World-First Smoking ‘Generation Ban’

Written by on 28 November 2023

To help pay for tax cuts, the incoming government of incoming Zealand plans to repeal the nation’s world-class smoking ban, which public health experts predict will result in thousands of deaths and be “catastrophic” for Māori communities.   The nation enacted groundbreaking laws in 2022 that raised the smoking age gradually and prevented anyone born […]

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American Couple Labelled “Longest Married Couple” After 84 Years Of Marriage

Written by on 27 November 2023

Arwilda Whiteside and Cleovis have been wed for over 80 years. The 102-year-old Cleovis and the 98-year-old Arwilda were married in 1939, and they both attribute their continued success in their marriage to God. The couple’s twelve children were present for the Pine Bluff fish fry celebration last weekend, many of them.   The Family […]

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Doctors Find Living Fly In Man’s Intestine

Written by on 25 November 2023

During a routine colonoscopy, doctors discovered a fully grown fly residing in the patient’s transverse colon. It was the shock of their lives.   The incredible story of a sixty-three-year-old man who had a fly living inside his intestines was just published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology. The man had visited a Missouri hospital […]

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Tim Allen Confrims Toy Story 5

Written by on 24 November 2023

Tim Allen has finally confirmed what many of us have been hoping and praying for. Disney’s CEO Bob Iger announced earlier this year that we would be getting a fifth film in the Toy Story franchise. During an earnings call, he said: I’m so pleased to announce that we have sequels in the works from our animation […]

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