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Author: Tifa Vataiki

What is HAMAZA

Written by on 18 April 2024

The internet was blown away with one word “HAMAZA”.  The catchy sound of beats and a mixture of both iTaukei and English hip hop is the latest sensation to hit Fiji. Who are masterminds behind this new slang and song? Well, we can thank the youngsters from Cunningham, Suva “OneCrew “. OneCrew were originally a […]

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The One Song to Rule Them All

Written by on 12 April 2024

What if we told you that we have found the best cover for one of the best songs. There is always that one song that would trigger the emotions of women everywhere, regardless of their age. WHAT SONG COULD THIS BE? “Can We Talk” by Tevin Campbell has been playing with the female mind from […]

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Man spends Almost a Year Walking Africa

Written by on 8 April 2024

When you hear someone says  “anything is possible” it makes the task a bit more difficult, but every now and then some people  prove that the old saying it actually true. Russell Cook a British man has become the first person in known history to run the entire length of Africa. Cook – who goes […]

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How to Pick the Best Watermelon

Written by on 20 March 2024

For someone who loves eating watermelons, I have no idea how to pick them. I used to think picking watermelons was an art, and only a handful of people knew just by flicking the ball of sweet, juicy goodness. Well, google says that looking for a watermelon that is rounder and more evenly shaped is […]

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Written by on 6 March 2024

SGS parent Mes Tudrau recently posted details of a fundraising for his sons U16 Suva Grammar team as they fundraise to tour NZ in the Term 1 holidays. While most secondary school students, these young men, these parents and their supporters are focused on getting themselves as much quality game time as possible ahead of […]

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Discover What Horror Smells Like

Written by on 28 February 2024

Ever watched a horror movie and wondered what the scene smelt like? Now you don’t have to worry about that any longer. An AI-driven device is now on sale which releases certain scents to match what’s going on in your movie or game. Yup, the time is apparently now here where you don’t just visually […]

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