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The Go2 Excuse Person.

Written by on 13 April 2024

When it comes to your friends, there will always be that one person who is there to bail you out of anything and everything. That one person who your parents see as a good influence but in truth is the total opposite of what they see them as. It could be a friend, a sibling […]

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Typical Favorite Dishes To Have On A Saturday

Written by on 13 April 2024

No doubt, we Fijians love our food. But come Saturday, we tend to tone it down and whip up something simple and affordable, especially after handling the chores for the day. Here is a list of quick and easy meals for your Saturday lunch: 1. Tuna and Nama Always a go-to, especially when our parents […]

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The One Song to Rule Them All

Written by on 12 April 2024

What if we told you that we have found the best cover for one of the best songs. There is always that one song that would trigger the emotions of women everywhere, regardless of their age. WHAT SONG COULD THIS BE? “Can We Talk” by Tevin Campbell has been playing with the female mind from […]

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If You Respond Quickly With Sarcasm, Your Brain Is Healthy.

Written by on 11 April 2024

To survive in today’s hilariously ironic society, the ability to recognise sarcasm is a necessary one. “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence,” wrote that connoisseur of wit, Oscar Wilde. Whether sarcasm is a sign of intelligence or not, communication experts and marriage counsellors alike typically advise us to […]

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Man spends Almost a Year Walking Africa

Written by on 8 April 2024

When you hear someone says  “anything is possible” it makes the task a bit more difficult, but every now and then some people  prove that the old saying it actually true. Russell Cook a British man has become the first person in known history to run the entire length of Africa. Cook – who goes […]

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Potential: A Risky Business And Here’s Why

Written by on 7 April 2024

Falling in love with someone’s potential can be risky for several reasons: 1. **Unrealistic Expectations**: When you focus on someone’s potential rather than who they are presently, you might create unrealistic expectations of who they could become. This can lead to disappointment if they don’t meet those expectations. 2. **Ignoring Red Flags**: Idealizing someone’s potential […]

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Australian Supermarket Uses GPS Locators to Discourage Meat Theft

Written by on 6 April 2024

Australian supermarket chain Drakes recently started a trial of putting GPS locators on expensive meats in order to reduce losses caused by shoplifting. A South Australian supermarket chain has become so exasperated with meat shoplifting that it is currently trialing a security system that involves putting cuts of expensive meat into transparent cases fitted with […]

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Election King – Man Who Has Participated in 238 Official Elections Has Yet to Win One

Written by on 5 April 2024

K. Padmarajan has been dubbed the “Election King” and the “World’s Biggest Election Loser” after participating in 238 political elections and losing every single time. K. Padmarajan’s story is one of perseverance. The 65-year-old repairman from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu has participated in hundreds of elections over the past three decades and spent […]

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Written by on 4 April 2024

So we all know that in our work place, we all got that one co-worker that’s known for, just being themselves. We did a quick survey within our colleges and we have so far collected 8 common types of coworker we have at work. You might as well find this very relatable as well, hmmm […]

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