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Why You Don’t Need CCTV Cameras When You Have Busybody Neighbors

Written by on 12 June 2024

In an era where home security has become a top priority for many, the installation of CCTV cameras around one’s property is often seen as an essential measure. However, there is a less technological, yet equally effective, alternative that many homeowners already benefit from: the vigilant, ever-watchful eyes of busybody neighbors. The Tinai Ili’s, Ilibadas […]

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FM96 Sports on Top: Sera Nasilivata of Team Fiji wins Gold in the U16 100m Event

Written by on 8 June 2024

A big congratulations to Team Fiji’s Sera Gideanna  Nasilivata! Sera Gideanna Nasilivata won first place for Team Fiji, at the at the 2024 Oceania Athletics Championship in Under 16 100 meters event where she clocked a time of 13.20 seconds, with Charlotte Serevi clocking 0.3 seconds behind. Congratulations and all the best in your next […]

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19-year-old Aussie Athlete who Beat Sha’Carri Richardson is in Fiji

Written by on 6 June 2024

Torrie Lewis is the 19-year-old who beat the fastest woman in the world. Lewis marked a sensational 2024 Diamond League debut in Xiamen, the People’s Republic of China, by beating reigning women’s 100m world champion Sha’Carri Richardson to win the 200m race. Currently competing in Fiji at the Oceania Championship, she continues to make waves […]

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The best meals to have while you’re hungover

Written by on 31 May 2024

When dealing with a hangover, the right food can help alleviate some of the unpleasant symptoms and aid in recovery. Here are some of the best foods to consider: 1. Bananas Why: High in potassium, which can be depleted after drinking. Benefit: Helps replenish electrolytes and soothe the stomach. 2. Eggs Why: Packed with cysteine, […]

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The Dangers of Brawls After Parties: “The Weekend” Incident

Written by on 28 May 2024

Social gatherings often bring people together in celebration, but when alcohol and emotions mix, these occasions can turn deadly. This past weekend, a video of a violent brawl following a party has been making rounds on social media, serving as a grim reminder of the potential consequences of such altercations. A Viral Tragedy The video, […]

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‘Disgusted’: Diddy Apologizes After Viral Video Of Him Attacking Ex-Girlfriend Emerges

Written by on 21 May 2024

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has issued a public apology for his “inexcusable” behaviour following the emergence of a video that allegedly shows him assaulting his then-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura. The footage, which CNN published on Friday, is dated March 5, 2016, and appears to depict the hip-hop mogul running after Ventura, grabbing her by the neck, throwing […]

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