So I’m a frequent Facebook user, and I love keeping up to date with my peers and what’s new, I also like to scroll through fakebook’s market place. Now let me tell you a story of how i got scammed from online buying, a.k.a buying from Facebook market place.

So it was 3 years ago, and yes I was young and dumb (I’m 24 btw). My aunt had sent me around $500 for me to buy a new phone because the phone I was using went swimming in the open sea! Now, since I’ve been scrolling online, and mostly spending time on Facebook marketplace, I decided to buy my phone online. I’m not new at online buying btw, I’ve been buying few things online from genuine people that are honest and have pretty cool stuff too. Well as for this one, BOY DO I REGRET IT!

So I came across this seller who was selling an iPhone X for $500. Now, as soon as I saw this deal, I was super duper excited and thought, hmm why not? I mean not only is it within my budget, but its an iPhone too, LOL, you know ga how us Gen Z’s go crazy over owning an iPhone.

So I had messaged the guy that was selling it, and started asking him more about the phone, like if it was locked, its storage capacity, battery health, and so on. So after all that, I asked for his location, and he told me he was located in Nadi, *mind you, I was spending few months with my maternal side all the way in Savusavu, and was thinking of staying alil longer before betting back to Suva. So I told him that I was in Vanua Levu, and he suggested that he’ll send the package through EMS(Post Fiji) and all I have to do is pick it up at the counter. Like i said earlier, I WAS YOUNG AND DUMB. So decided to just opt for that option and wait patiently for my package.

Then he gave me his bank details, so I could deposit it into his account, because I was still skeptical of opening an Mpaisa account back then (I kept my bank receipt btw). So after all the deposit and what not, he got back to me and told me he’ll send my package the following day. You wanna guess what happened the next day? Yep, no response no nothing from him. he literally BLOCKED ME and dipped, right after receiving the money! I was so pissed that I came on the next boat to Suva just to report him to the police.

You’re probably wondering, why didn’t I just leave the report at Savusavu Police Station? Well, I felt like the case would be taken into consideration much faster if I was in the city (this was just a thought, not to offend anyone or anything like that) and I’d also be reachable since back in Savusavu, there’s not really any network at the place I was living in.

So, I lodged the report and the police did there thing. After a while, they finally managed to catch and arrest him. Turns out he never lived in Nadi, but he lived in Nausori all along. Oilei.

Anyways, long story short, I didn’t get my my money back(was hoping i did), but at least I got justice and he’s behind bars. I hope he learns that what ever happens in the dark will always come to light, no matter how long it takes.

So, from this upsetting experience, I’VE DEFINATELY LEARNED MY LESSON TOO. Before buying online;
always check the seller’s profile, if it looks fake or not.
-ask them to send their ID and full contact info (not necessary but will help, esp if you’re receiving your package via postage)
-don’t feel forced or pressured into buying their products, remember there’s others out there selling the same thing for a better price
-prefer meeting face to face with the seller, it betters your interaction with each other, and its more REAL.

And remember, not all sellers online are fake/ scammers. There are some genuine sellers out there, and those that need to make ends meet too. BE CONSIDERATE AND CAUTIOUS AT THE SAME TIME.

Ya’ll take care out there, and do make wise decisions!