The ‘most evil website on the internet’ has been revealed, and it is impossible to leave after clicking on it.

The internet can be one of the most interesting and informative places in the world, but it can also be one of the most dangerous. TikTok user @sp0uk_ , known as Spooky, has revealed the internet’s most evil website and explained why you should never visit it.

The creator of the website had previously created a disturbing site, but for some reason felt the need to make this one as well. Spooky gave viewers a chilling disclaimer:

Please do not seek out these kinds of websites. They can destroy your computer, if not your mental sanity.

Despite the site being taken down, he urged people not to Google the site, as there are remnants of it lingering online. He revealed:

The name of the website was And women’s alliance was a classic bait-and-switch website.

This site was pretending to be a feminist women’s empowerment website when it obviously is not.

Revealing the entrance page of the site, Spooky read out the text: “This website contains stories of woman empowerment and it may be offensive to some viewers, viewer discretion is advised, 18+.”

But once you click enter, the problems will begin. Similar to the creator’s previous website, it is impossible to leave unless you unplug your computer, no other methods will work. Your computer would start to play a non-stop montage of videos of women being tortured to the highest degree.

Stay safe online fam, and make sure to download a script blocker and VPN to avoid situations like this.

[Source: LADBIBLE]