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Marist bus carrying students and supporters stoned on Saturday night

Written by on 3 October 2022

  Police are investigating a case where a bus carrying students, parents and guardians of Marist Brothers High School was stoned on Saturday night whilst returning from Nadi. Some people were badly injured during the stoning incident. Chief Operations Officer ACP Abdul Khan says Police had received information of the alleged incident at Kalokolevu and […]

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U18 Deans’ Victors from Past Years.

Written by on 2 October 2022

The under-18 Deans is the pinnacle of secondary school rugby for decades now. It is considered the highest form of an award in secondary school rugby. The victors would see them having bragging rights for up to 12 months till a new winner is selected. Over the past 83 years, the Eastern Zone schools such […]

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Sleeping in the bus goes horribly wrong, But right

Written by on 30 September 2022

Who loves Fridays? It’s the day that welcomes the weekend,  so it’s up there in the list of likes. Knocking off after a long week of school, work and sitting through traffic isn’t the best thing ever but it’s Friday. Well for my friend Joji, his normal afternoon routine did not go as planned. Boarding […]

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Deans Trophy History

Written by on 28 September 2022

The Deans Trophy is the highest award in the Fiji Secondary Schools Rugby Union. The annual competition was introduced in 1939 and is the oldest tournament in the Fiji rugby union.   History   Queen Victoria School won the Deans Trophy 23 times and drawn 6 times. It won the trophy in the Under 18 […]

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Charlie Charlie in a Local Primary School

Written by on 23 September 2022

Some students of Veiuto Primary School had to be counselled after they were seriously affected following an incident at school last Friday where two games, Charlie Charlie and Red Door Yellow Door were being played. We have been informed by some concerned parents that there are allegations of some students acting like they were possessed. […]

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