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The Dangers of Brawls After Parties: “The Weekend” Incident

Written by on 28 May 2024

Social gatherings often bring people together in celebration, but when alcohol and emotions mix, these occasions can turn deadly. This past weekend, a video of a violent brawl following a party has been making rounds on social media, serving as a grim reminder of the potential consequences of such altercations. A Viral Tragedy The video, […]

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Written by on 25 May 2024

Staying safe when going out with friends is crucial to ensuring everyone has a fun and worry-free time. Here are some key tips to keep in mind: Plan Ahead: Transportation: Arrange reliable transportation for getting to and from your destination. Designate a sober driver, use ride-sharing services, or ensure you have public transportation options available. […]

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Fiji Fashion Week Pop Up Show at Damodar City, Suva Hints at a Great Fashion Week This Year

Written by on 18 May 2024

Fiji Fashion Week 2024 is promising to be a success with some old and new designers who arehoping to make a name for themselves on the runway!     Today was the second “Fashion Mob Show” by Fiji Fashion Week under the watchful eye of Temesia Tuicaumia (@temesia.fjtraveller). Who with the help of his dedicated […]

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How To Deal With An Annoying Workmate

Written by on 17 May 2024

Ah, the office. A sanctuary of productivity, creativity, and, unfortunately, the occasional annoying co-worker. Whether it’s the person who insists on chewing loudly during meetings or the one who thinks every conversation is a chance to showcase their karaoke skills, weve all been there. But fear not! Heres a humorous guide to navigating the treacherous […]

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Bula Women’s Futsal Team Bags Another Win

Written by on 15 May 2024

In a triumphant display of skill and unity, the Bula Women’s Futsal Team recently clinched another victory, solidifying their position as champions both on and off the court. This win, however, represents far more than just another award in their impressive skills. It stands as a beacon of hope in the fight against domestic violence […]

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