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How to Pick the Best Watermelon

Written by on 20 March 2024

For someone who loves eating watermelons, I have no idea how to pick them. I used to think picking watermelons was an art, and only a handful of people knew just by flicking the ball of sweet, juicy goodness. Well, google says that looking for a watermelon that is rounder and more evenly shaped is […]

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This Potato Chips Bag Is Worth $3,933.56 FJD

Written by on 5 March 2024

Balenciaga’s latest collection of handbags, inspired by potato chip packaging, is revolutionizing the perception of this beloved snack. Created by Demna, the artistic director of the Spanish luxury fashion house, these unique purses debuted on the Paris Fashion Week runway in 2022, drawing immediate attention for their clever mimicry of popular chip brands.   Originally […]

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Top 4 Things to Get From the Bean Cart

Written by on 21 February 2024

Growing up, we always looked forward to our parents returning home with our favourite snacks and munchies. One of which is a go-to whenever we knock off work/school and wait for our buses: beans and peanuts! Here’s a list of our favourite snacks from the famous bean carts at the bus stand: 4. Peanuts You […]

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New Year Resolutions.

Written by on 30 December 2023

Since we’re coming to the end of the Year a lot of us tend to make promises to ourselves that we tend not to keep also known as New Year Resolutions. “Easier said than done,” is what you might hear from everybody else whenever you talk about your goals for the coming year. Whether it’s […]

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FM96 DYKs : How the cookies that the ‘Cookie Monster’ scarfs down on the Sesame Street are made

Written by on 18 December 2023

Did you know that Cookie Monster’s cookies are, in fact real, although the recipe doesn’t sound all that appetizing? Because this is the type of information that you NEED TO KNOW, and because it’s the info that you count on us for…a “Sesame Street” staffer has spilt the baked goods on how the cookies are […]

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Rat Arrested For Drinking Seized Liquor

Written by on 18 December 2023

Rats have strangely drained a number of confiscated alcohol bottles that were kept in police storage. The plastic bottles had been chewed through by the rodents, allowing the booze to seep out.   The authorities estimated that 60 to 65 tiny plastic bottles were impacted.   In retaliation, one rat was caught by the police […]

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