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What is the best breakfast for Sundays??

Written by on 19 November 2023

For someone who hardly catches everyone at breakfast anymore, it’d be nice to know what other people have for breakfast on Sundays. Growing up, it would be Custard pie, Babakau, or Lolo bun, Topoi or Topai or biscuit in lolo (waite)…. Shared the question, “What is the best breakfast for Sunday?”, and these are some […]

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A day in Vula’s Shoes

Written by on 3 November 2023

Hieeeeeeee!!😂😊I’m Vula from the FM96 Tonight Show!☺️☺️ Growing up, people would always ask me why I never gained weight. It was kinda funny at first, but as I grew older, people would make fun of my body and would ask me alotta questions. “Vula why are you so slim?”…… “Ae! Vula you haven’t changed one […]

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