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Why Do Couples Share Their Passwords?

Written by on 23 May 2024

In the digital age, where much of our communication and social interaction occurs online, sharing social media passwords among couples has become a topic of interest and debate. While some view it as a symbol of trust and intimacy, others see it as a potential invasion of privacy. Let’s explore the reasons why couples might […]

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What To Do If You’ve Being Cheated On?

Written by on 19 March 2024

There’s no way one can guarantee that their partner will remain faithful and loyal throughout the course of their relationship. Studies have shown that 30-60% of relationships end because of infidelity. When this does happen, the person that was cheated on may feel a whole host of emotions like anger, pain and sadness. There are […]

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Happy Father’s Day.

Written by on 10 March 2024

There is a difference between being a Father and being a Dad when you think about it carefully. You could be just a Father who got a woman pregnant and then didn’t want any of the responsibilities that came along with it, or you can be a Dad. And that is what most kids look […]

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