So, you’ve finally snagged an invitation to meet your Fijian in-laws. Congratulations! You’re about to experience the warmest hospitality on the planet. But hold your horses (or, in this case, your coconuts). Before you start dreaming of family gatherings and kava ceremonies, here’s a not-so-serious guide on what NOT to do at your Fijian in-laws’ house.


1. Don’t Bring Your Own Food

Nothing says, “I don’t trust your cooking” like pulling out a PB&J sandwich during dinner. Fijian cuisine is a delightful adventure, featuring dishes like kokoda (raw fish salad) and lovo (earth oven-cooked goodies). Embrace it! Just don’t ask if the kokoda was microwaved.

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2. Avoid Trying to Speak Fijian After One Lesson

“Ni sa bula” (hello) and “vinaka” (thank you) are your safest bets. Anything beyond that, and you might accidentally call your mother-in-law a pineapple. Fijian is beautiful but tricky, and your enthusiastic mispronunciations will be the stuff of family legends for years.


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3. Don’t Forget to Remove Your Shoes

This isn’t just a Fijian custom; it’s a universal law of not being a slob. However, if you forget, you’ll likely get a gentle reminder. Don’t worry; they won’t feed your shoes to the neighbourhood dogs. Probably.


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4. Refrain from Discussing Rugby Unless You’re an Expert

Rugby in Fiji is like religion. Scratch that, it IS religion. Your father-in-law will most likely know the latest scores, players’ stats, and what colour socks the team wore last Saturday. If you’re not well-versed, nodding and saying “Go Fiji!” is a safe bet.




5. Don’t Underestimate Fijian Time

When your Fijian in-laws say, “We’ll leave at 10,” they mean “sometime before noon.” Relax, you’re on island time now. Embrace the leisurely pace and use the extra time to, I don’t know, practice more polite Fijian phrases.


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6. Never, Ever Say “No” to Kava

Kava, the traditional Fijian drink, is a must-try. It tastes… interesting. But refusing it is like saying, “I’d rather not be part of your family.” Just remember, it’s an acquired taste, and by your fifth cup, you’ll be acquired enough to stop wincing.




Meeting your Fijian in-laws is a memorable experience filled with laughter, love, and perhaps a bit of confusion. Just remember to be respectful, open-minded, and ready for anything. Follow this guide, and you’ll not only survive but thrive during your visit. Vinaka vakalevu!