When it comes to sharing their feelings, Men are usually closed off and always try their best not to let their vulnerability show.

Some are okay with being vulnerable but the majority keep all their pain and struggles to themselves, which in turn is sometimes the reason for most failed relationships. Most Men were taught when they were young boys that being a Man is being strong and not weak.

Always assuming that he is okay is the kind of thinking that should stop, because countless men commit suicide due to bottled emotions and stress. So if you know someone who is in a situation where they are mentally and emotionally being attacked, do not make the assumption that he is going to be okay just because he’s quiet.

Asking them if they’re okay and having a talk could very well just save their life, so always try to be there for whoever you know is in some kind of turmoil and if you are the person going through something talk to somebody and don’t be afraid to show some vulnerability.