As of today, we have 4 days to go until the opening of the biggest Trade Show and Entertainment event, FIJI SHOWCASE 2024!

This year, there will be over 100 exhibitors, each selling a plethora of products and services. There will also be great entertainment on the Vodafone External Entertainment Stage from international acts like MR. MR and Rogerio Piva. In addition, we’ll see performances from local household names such as Kuki, One Crew, Youngblood and others.

If you are planning to bring the little ones along with you, worry not for there is entertainment provided that they are sure to enjoy.



    The infamous Fijian dance group is expected to perform on the Goodman Fielder Internal Stage. Sure to bring excitement to the crowd, Vou has a few topsy-turvy acts that will bring you and your children to the edge of your seats. They do a great job combining comedy, theatre, dance and stunts. These include Juggling, Clown and Magic Show.

    VOU Dance Group and Circus to perform at Fiji Showcase 2024


    Let’s be honest, the one thing our children look forward to the most is the RIDES! This year The Fiji Showcase will meet their expectations, or dare I say, exceed it, with the rides and attractions. The kids can make use of the teacup carousel, bouncy castle and more at an affordable price.

    Carousel Kids GIF - Carousel Kids Carnival - Discover ...


    Second on that list of what children most anticipate at Fiji Showcase is the food. There will be stalls lined up with candy floss, popcorn, ice cream and more of their carnival favourites on display. All thanks to the awesome team at FMF Funtastix. Don’t worry mums and dads, you can eat some too but just make sure your child gets one to themselves eh.

    Candy Floss Kid GIF - Candy Floss Kid Girl - Discover & Share GIFs


There’s more to be revealed for you and your children to enjoy. Start saving your dollars so that you can enjoy Fiji Showcase 2024 to the max! Entry fee is $4 for adults and $3 for children. See you there!