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Uncanny Valley Makeup – The Creepiest Trend On Tik Tok

Written by on 13 November 2023

Makeup artists on TikTok are busy freaking out their followers with a new style of makeup called “uncanny valley” inspired by the human-like yet unnatural appearance of androids. The term uncanny valley is used to describe the hypothesized uncomfortable feeling triggered by seeing an entity appearing almost human but not quite so. It is used […]

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Woman takes extended paid leave for bad back – gets fired for twerking on TikTok

Written by on 8 October 2023

The Superior Tribunal of Justice in Spain recently upheld a supermarket’s decision to fire a cashier over a series of TikTok videos that were deemed “incompatible with her ailments”. The woman, referred to only as ‘Mrs. Piedad’ in the court papers, was reportedly an employee of Semark AC Group SA, the company behind the Lupa […]

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People In China Are Using Belly Button Stickers To Make Their Legs Look Longer

Written by on 22 September 2023

According to reports, belly button stickers are becoming increasingly popular in China as more women reportedly use them to make their legs look longer.   Currently, China is experiencing an odd beauty trend. Sheets of temporary tattoos shaped like belly buttons cost $0.70 to $1.40 for young women. In order to provide the illusion that […]

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FM96 SM GOODIES: China’s Stir Fried River Rocks..Yummmy!!!

Written by on 8 September 2023

Have you ever heard of ‘Suodui’??? It’s a Chinese delicacy, which is referred to as the “world’s hardest dish.” This unique creation has been making waves across various social media platforms, leaving viewers astounded and perplexed. The first time I came across this viral video I was like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAATAAAAAAAAAAAFRIDGEEEEEEE!!!!! Now I know what you’re thinking…. […]

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Peeing In Your Pants Is A Trend?

Written by on 24 May 2023

Fads come and go. That’s quite literally the definition of the word. However, some fads seem to creep up on you and never leave your thinking space. One trend that has stood out recently involves one “wetting himself”. The Pee Your Pants trend encourages people to urinate on themselves creating a stain between their thighs on […]

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Beggars Have Moved their Begging to TikTok

Written by on 6 February 2023

Begging is reportedly going digital in Indonesia, with street beggars posting clips on TikTok asking for virtual gifts instead of actually going out on the street. TikTok begging has reportedly become such a widespread phenomenon in Indonesia that the Government has been forced to step in to reign it in. The Asian country’s social minister […]

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Dog Left in Shock After Animal Chiropractor Cracks Her Neck

Written by on 8 November 2022

A viral video of an animal chiropractor cracking the neck of Rottweiler has captured hearts around the world. German chiropractor and osteopath Murat Colak caught the moment on camera as he rotated Hailey the Rottie’s neck multiple times before resetting it with a quick flick of his wrist. While the sound of the dog’s neck cracking […]

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