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Author: Penny Lido

Local Boys Release Rap Video About their “Yasa”

Written by on 10 April 2024

The number of local artists in our beloved┬áVitia┬áhave become increasingly large and we are more than grateful for the endless amount of talent that our country has continued to produce. With local music becoming more mainstream, especially in the niche market, there is also a rise of local rappers. Fijian rappers are nothing new in […]

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Written by on 5 April 2024

For the past four days, we’ve been out and about covering the Coca Cola Suva zone meets. And with this busy period, we know there’s gonna be a whole lot of peer pressure. Kids, if you know your parents would never let you do it, don’t do it! Being a teenager comes with a whole […]

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PSA to Fijian Women! Leave Fighting Over Men in 2023

Written by on 3 April 2024

If you’re a dude, move along. This most likely isn’t for you. Ladies, let’s talk about this real quick. Woman to woman. When you find out that your man is messing around with another woman, be in on the low or blatantly, is your first instinct to attack the “other woman” ? If it is, […]

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Holy Cross College Wins Overall Title at Taveuni Zone 2024

Written by on 28 March 2024

Seeing that the high school zone meets are currently underway, here’s a little sneak peek on how the┬áTaveuni┬áZone went. The┬áTaveuni┬áZone started on Monday with Bucalevu Secondary School trying to retain their title as overall winner, but this year, Holy Cross College had something else in store for them.     The┬áTaveuni┬áZone ended with Bucalevu taking […]

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Stop Taking Photos of Dead People at a Funeral!

Written by on 18 March 2024

Why is this even a thing? This shouldn’t be a thing. It should’ve never been a thing. First of all, regardless of whether you’re related to person in the casket or not, it’s weird and insensitive. IT’S A DEAD BODY, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! There’s a reason why pictures and videos of dead people are […]

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Stop Making Noise in the Cinemas During a Movie!

Written by on 11 March 2024

Not everybody is a great cinema goer and we’ll be talking about why that is in this article. Personally, I’d rather watch movies at home than at the cinema, which wasn’t always the case but for the very reason that some people just don’t have the proper etiquette and respect that you need to have […]

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