According to reports, belly button stickers are becoming increasingly popular in China as more women reportedly use them to make their legs look longer.


Currently, China is experiencing an odd beauty trend. Sheets of temporary tattoos shaped like belly buttons cost $0.70 to $1.40 for young women. In order to provide the illusion that the torso is shorter and the legs are longer, the stickers are typically applied a few centimetres above the actual navel, which is then covered with skirts or pants.


Although it may seem silly, belly button sticker companies are finding it difficult to meet demand, and social media platforms are inundated with how-to videos for the temporary tattoos.


Another reason for their appeal is that people find these artificial navels to be more attractive than real ones. Some people prefer to cover up their belly buttons and leave the stickers on display because they believe that belly buttons that are round, obese, or that protrude outward are not attractive enough.


These belly button stickers have drawn some criticism on social media for promoting unreasonably high beauty standards in Chinese society, but regular users appear to adore them.