Bryn Elise, a TikTok content creator, recently shared a video in which she talks about spending a week in Turkey getting her hair extensions done for less money than she would have paid in the US.


In the end, the 27-year-old ended up spending less on the $1,750 ($3,958.50 FJD) hair extensions and the entire trip. The entire trip, in her words, was “100% worth it.”

Elise stated in her video that she started looking for other options after receiving “an email from my US salon letting me know that they were raising the prices of the extensions I get to $4,450($10,065.90 FJD) woman .”


As the TikTokker searched through Instagram for hair inspiration, she noticed that most of the images she had saved there were of Turkish-born “world-class stylist” Bilal Karatay.


Elise, having just had a brilliant idea, chose to DM Karatay on Instagram to request a quote. When Karatay replied to the content creator with an estimate for a full hair service that included hair extensions, bleaching, and toning for just $500 ($1,131.00  FJD), the content creator was blown away.


Many left doubtful comments in Elise’s comment area, pointing out that she wasn’t accounting for the additional expense of maintaining the extensions, even while many others were happy that Elise had worked out how to save money for a salon visit.