On Tuesday, the Senate of Thailand approved a groundbreaking marriage equality law, positioning the country as the first in Southeast Asia to recognize same-sex unions legally. This historic decision marks a significant advancement for LGBTQ+ rights in the region.

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The bill received overwhelming support in the Senate, with 130 senators voting in favour and only four opposing it. This decisive approval came after a final reading of the bill, demonstrating strong legislative backing for marriage equality.

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For the law to come into effect, it still requires the formal endorsement of the king, which is expected to be a procedural step. Once the king endorses the bill and it is published in the royal gazette, the law will take effect 120 days later. This period will allow for the necessary preparations and adjustments to implement marriage equality in Thailand.

The passage of this law is celebrated by many as a “monumental step forward for LGBTQ+ rights,” reflecting a growing recognition and acceptance of LGBTQ+ individuals and their rights within Thai society and setting a precedent for other countries in the region.

This is a great leap for the land of Smiles and after this news, this was the only thing we could do for them.

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Happy Pride Month Thailand.



( Source: CNN )