It’s always a joy to see Fijians thriving overseas, whatever the area of focus maybe. To do that in a world that is filled with content is a monumental task.

Our lives are just a series of choices on whether we go left or right but sometime an additional option presents itself in the form of education. New ideas lead to innovation and sometimes its old ideas recycled. For Alfred AKA ‘Fido’ it was all about taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Alfred Tora is a Proud son of Fiji who is constantly trying to help not only his fellow countrymen but the whole of Pasifika.

“The more I learnt about business and psychology, the more I realized that our Fijian and Pasifika culture has truths that western knowledge seekers are still trying to find.”

The path forged in the pursuit of empowerment is never easy and most of the times we tend to leave our ideas for a tomorrow which in turn leave things undone, this wasn’t the case for Tora who took to penning his thought down in a modern space.

“I started my blog as a way to record my own thoughts as I explored more into these topics.”

Alfred Tora graduating with a Master of Science degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of London, Birbeck.


Tora had much success on his blog, which explores Organizational Psychology, Team building, facts and figure, and even the favorite Fijian pass time of Rugby. This was not enough for the Koro, Lomaiviti Native.

“I grew out of the blog because I wanted to reach people that didn’t like boring long paragraphs lol. The blog is a place to curate whatever I’ve found on my journey. It’s a platform, a launch pad, a touch stone to the other streams of information.”


Fido has branched out to other avenues, launching a podcast and exploring the different social media platforms to get the message across fast and easier.

The podcast is an excuse to meet, listen, and learn from interesting people. It is a place to share stories of interesting people. The TikTok channel is for shorter, laid-back content that’s there to be enjoyed.


The saying, “Behind every powerful man is a woman,” doesn’t really apply to Tora because right beside him is his wife, Grace Taito-Tora who he describes as a source of encouragement and is his muse.

Tora has also drawn inspiration from the likes of Jocko Willink, Tim Ferriss, and GaryVee. He also looks up to Pasifika podcasters like Andrew Fa’avale, and Fenton Lutunatabua.

Alfred and his wife Grace.

I’ve had great experiences with many great Pasifika people and podcasts that have only motivated me to maybe start something on my own.

Tora says all things is just he’s contribution to Pasifika, as he finds his place in the world