We definitely all have this one friend that does this.

Whether ya’ll just finish drinking yesterday, a few days ago, a week or a month ago, they’ll take every chance they get to get to drag you with them to have a few jugs or to a house party.

It can be your friend, your cousin, your uncle or aunty who’s the same age as you, a high school friend you barely talked to, etc.

These are the type of crew you would want to stay away from.

We are not saying that they are bad friends, we are just suggesting that you choose comfort over chaos.

We all know what drinking brings right, a little bit of fun, and sometimes it turns into a complete shock and may end with very traumatizing events.

So next time someone keeps trying to convince you to go drinking with them, just know that IT IS OKAY TO SAY NO, and remember to look after yourself as well.

Also, if you are that one friend who is fond of this behaviour, please, NO means NO and if you still need someone to go with you, ask someone else, or better yet, just go another time lol!