Apple’s latest iOS 18 update is generating a lot of excitement due to its advanced AI capabilities, made possible by integrating ChatGPT with Siri through a partnership with Generative AI. Here are some of the features and improvements:

Enhanced Siri Functionality

  • ChatGPT Integration: Siri will use ChatGPT to provide more accurate responses when it cannot complete a task on its own. This includes asking for permission to utilize ChatGPT for improved results.
  • Data Utilization: Siri can now search your messages, emails, and images to locate specific information. For example, it can find your driver’s license in photos and extract the license number to complete online forms.
  • Text-Based Interaction: For those who find speaking to Siri in public awkward, you can now type your requests. This text-based interaction will work similarly to ChatGPT but with the added benefit of using your data for more precise answers.
  • Message Summarization: Siri can summarize long chains of messages from friends, making it easier to keep up with conversations without reading every single text.
  • SMS Scheduling: You can now schedule SMS messages, allowing you to time your responses perfectly, such as replying to a family group chat at a later time.

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Genmoji and Custom Emojis

  • Custom Emojis: The newly unveiled Genmoji feature allows you to create any emoji you can imagine. This feature generates emoji-like reactions when you can’t find the one you need.

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Advanced Photo Editing

  • Magic Eraser: Apple introduces its version of Google’s Magic Eraser, enabling users to remove individuals from photos effortlessly.

Privacy and Storage Concerns

  • On-Device Information Protection: Apple has assured users that their on-device information will be protected, addressing privacy concerns, especially regarding sensitive data in the notes folder.
  • Storage Considerations: Despite the extensive new features, there are concerns about whether devices will have enough storage space to accommodate such a large update.

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We’re excited about it all, although we doubt our phone will have enough room for an update this large. Still, it sounds amazing.

(Source: MoreFM)