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Author: Joana Ravono

Man Finds Out His Cat Is Sick Of Him

Written by on 30 May 2022

Harry Jones, 25 from the UK went to the vet, spent $160 on the bills thinking his kitten was sick. She was sick, but of him! Ouch… Turns out the pet really wanted to spend some time away from him. The 25-year-old said his kitten Helen had been acting a little off the last couple […]

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Worried Goose Tracks Down Her Boyfriend

Written by on 23 May 2022

A wild goose named Arnold, who lives on a pond nearby was seen having trouble walking, apparently due to a hurt foot. The staff decided to admit the bird into their wildlife hospital for treatment. But they weren’t the only ones concerned about Arnold’s wellbeing. An examination found that Arnold’s foot was indeed injured and […]

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Woman Comes Back to Life During Her Own Funeral

Written by on 7 May 2022

Dozens of people taking part in a funeral in Peru were left shocked after the woman being laid to rest allegedly started banging on the casket from the inside.  Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca, a 36-year-old woman from Peru, her brother-in-law, and three of her nephews were involved in a serious car accident that claimed the […]

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Fish Falls from The Sky Occasionally in This Town

Written by on 22 April 2022

Texas is accustomed to seeing deluges every so often, but the city of Texarkana saw something else fall from the sky other than water recently — scores of small fish. Residents of the Texas city were caught off guard after spotting little fish falling from the sky in what may have appeared to some as a sign […]

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Olivia Rodrigo’s Music Can Help You Lift Weights

Written by on 19 April 2022

  There is a new study that shows listening to certain singers can boost your workout performance – makes you stronger in the gym improving weightlifting results by as much as 13%. The survey found that participants who worked out to Dua Lipa recorded a massive 37.93% increase on average when it came to the […]

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Dog Gets Speeding Ticket

Written by on 11 April 2022

A driver in Germany was left speechless when he ripped open the letter. He was named as the recipient of a €50 ($115.15 FJD) speeding fine – but the image of the perpetrator behind the wheel wasn’t him. It was of his small white dog.     The nephew of the driver stated: My first […]

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Jada Pinkett Smith Appears to be Laughing a the Slap

Written by on 4 April 2022

New footage from the eventful Oscars ceremony has emerged online, showing us Jada Pinkett Smith’s reaction to her Husband Will Smith smacking Chris Rock after cracking a joke about her. I’m sure we’ve all seen the footage of the infamous moment by now and while we saw Jada’s initial reaction to the joke, we didn’t […]

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School Exams Cancelled Over Paper Shortage

Written by on 28 March 2022

Sri Lanka has run out of printing paper, leading to the cancellation of school exams for millions of students in the middle of a severe economic crisis, the country’s worst since 1948. The term exams, scheduled a week from Monday, were postponed indefinitely because Colombo is struggling to find the money to finance imports, resulting […]

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