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Author: Joana Ravono

Getting Free Twerks with your Haircut

Written by on 22 October 2021

The main job of a barber is to trim the hair of their customers in exchange for money. This has been the tradition since memorial time. In the olden days, it is only men who engage in this business but these days some women have also joined the profession, but for some, well they’ve added […]

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Stiff Necked Holiday

Written by on 19 October 2021

I know most people enjoyed their long weekend with Monday being a holiday and all, but there was someone who went through quite the challenge For many, the Long Weekend meant a picnic with the family, for those working it meant double time but for Drix it meant a lesson he would never forget Saturday […]

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Bunene’s Dog Snores Like a Man

Written by on 14 October 2021

It was around lunchtime when Joana was in a meeting with work that she started hearing faint sounds coming from somewhere in the house This creeped her out especially after realizing she was the only one at home She decided to do like how they do in Horror Movies and investigate where the sound was […]

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Written by on 12 October 2021

  Holiday, nearly everyone was complaining about how Fiji Day was on a Sunday and that we didn’t have a Monday Holiday to celebrate afterwards… Two days have passed since Fiji Day and just when people were slowly getting over the lack of a public holiday, this morning thousands of Fijians were treated to the […]

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