You will be paying more for flour from today as the price has gone up by about 12%.

The price of a 10kg bag of flour is going up by 11.93% or $2.02 to $18.97, 4kg is going up by 11.73% or 81 cents to $7.70, 2kg is going up by 11.75% or 41 cents to $3.45 and a 1kg bag of flour will now cost $1.95, an increase of 11.47% or 20 cents.

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission says flour, as a wheat product, is a main component in Fijian diets and processed flour is used in many pastries and bakery products

Every household in Fiji consumes flour in one form or another and almost on a daily basis.

The Commission says it is an essential food item and is price-controlled.

They say it is also plausible that increases in the price of flour may also impact the prices for other goods where flour is a key, substantive ingredient.

FCCC says the price of flour is set to increase by 12% after the review of conversion costs following submissions which were requested from manufacturers as part of the last price review for wheat products which was conducted in April 2022.