The usual consensus with the Coca Cola Games is that we’re all usually very sure about who is going to win before the games even begin.

This year, however, it really can be anyone’s win.

FM96 has a special segment especially for the Coca Cola Games. Below are a list of the female athletes that are vying for the same goal and all have an equal chance to win.

  1. Domitila Naita – ACS
  2. Tokasa Turuva – ACS
  3. Sereima Rasovasova – JHS
  4. Oca Dia – Natabua
  5. Iva Fifita – SGS
  6. Esiteri Bania – SGS
  7. Mere Vocevoce – SVC

As for the athletes of MGM, they must’ve upped their game plan this year as all of their athletes have a promising possibility of achieving great things at this year’s Coke games.

These young ladies have all worked hard and it shows when they’re showcasing their skill on the tracks.

The support for the athletes have only increased every year so we’re going to be expecting a lot of hype in the atmosphere in the last few days left until the big 3 days.

Below is a live video session of the FM96 Sport Light where the Crackfast Crew have a talanoa about the young girls and what they’re excited about next weekend.



Let us know in the comments who else people need to watch out for at the High School Track and Field meet.