We tend to lose or misplace things on an everyday basis. From chargers to pens, one item that is constantly stolen are lighters, especially at grog sessions.

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So here are a few tips on how to playfully ‘step’ your friend’s lighters:

1. Take it while they’re not looking.

Your friends will most probably be too busy yapping away to notice it missing. Easy way to get the job done.

2. Ask for it while they’re distracted.

The most simple technique to use, they’ll most likely be too busy to remember whom they let borrow the lighter.

3. Walk away after using it.

NO FACE, NO CASE! If they can’t remember who was using it, then they will not know who stole it.

4. Blame somebody else.

Ahhh, the old game of tattle tale. Take it, then start pointing fingers.

There you go—the easiest yet harmless way to’step’ your friend’s lighters.