This athlete has been literally turning heads on the track ever since the QVS Interhouse and the fact that his unofficial time at the Tailevu Zone is a sure shot candidate for the Blue Ribbon title is more than enough reason when trying to explain why he’s the current fave amongst the public.

If it isn’t obvious already, Senirusi Rauqe is named after Bruce Rauqe, a former Fiji rep, so it’s safe to say that sports and athleticism runs in the family.

Senirusi is a student athlete from Queen Victoria School and the funny thing is that he just started running the 100m event this year. He used to be a 400m event athlete but it seems like the change didn’t do much to deter his chances of qualifying as he is definitely outshining most of his peers on the tracks.

During the Tailevu Zone, he dedicated the win to his father who he lost a few months ago. This might add the extra motivation that he’ll need to secure the win in the bag when it comes to the Fiji Finals.

Although QVS has never won a Tailevu zone in 10 years and a Cokes overall title in 31 years as well as a Blue Ribbon title since 2016, this is a breath of fresh air from the boys of Vulinituraga.


Let us know in the comments who’s your favorite for the Blue Ribbon event at the Cokes this year.