Daha bir qərar və vətəndaşın etirazı... Taksi fəaliyyəti nizamlanmalıdırmı? - IQTISADCHI.AZ

Have you ever gotten home and realized that you’ve forgotten your keys, or mobile. or your wallet, even your passport!
I’m pretty sure it happens to most of us. I mean, admit it! We’re super busy. We have to be at three places at once and we have a hundred things on our mind that we forget our belongings in the cab.

Well, here are a few tips that can help you NOT FORGET your things, next time you catch a cab 🤭:

1. Start by making a mental checklist of your belongings before exiting the vehicle. Ensure you have your phone, wallet, keys, and any other essentials. Repetition reinforces memory, so practice this habit until it becomes second nature. Additionally, designate a specific spot in the cab for your belongings, such as the seat beside you or a designated pocket in your bag. Consistency in placing items there can help reduce the likelihood of leaving them behind.

2. Enable location tracking on your phone so that if it does slip your mind to check for your belongings immediately, you can pinpoint the cab’s location and contact the driver promptly.

3. maintain mindfulness throughout your journey. Distractions are common, especially when rushing to get to your destination, but taking a moment to gather your thoughts before exiting can prevent absentmindedness. Before stepping out, perform a quick sweep of the area to ensure nothing has been overlooked. Being present and attentive can significantly decrease the likelihood of leaving items behind in the cab.

There you have it guys! Three simple rules to help the both of us remember NOT TO FORGET our things.😂🤯🤭

[Source: GETTY GIF, Google Images]