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Author: Esther Tuitubou

A Dead MCU Character May Return, New Evidence Indicates.

Written by on 17 January 2022

A now-deleted video suggests that a character who had been confirmed as dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may return for a future project. A major Eternals character may return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite dying at the end of the film. Recent evidence reported by The Cosmic Circus indicates that Richard Madden’s Ikaris, […]

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You Probably Missed These Details While Watching Encanto.

Written by on 13 January 2022

🚨There are BIG spoilers ahead for Disney’s Encanto!🚨   1. The first great Encanto Easter egg is actually from the movie’s poster, where you can see Bruno hiding in the background.   2.”The Family Madrigal” is inspired by “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast. Both songs introduce the audience to the characters and town.   3. […]

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