A parent in China has been under fire from social media after revealing a form of punishment he gave to his son.

It is believed that his son was playing mobile games on his phone after midnight when he got caught by his dad.

As punishment, his dad made him play for 17 hours straight without any form of rest. Whenever, the son would try to catch a nap, the dad would wake him up and tell to continue playing until 17 hours later where the son finally apologized and pleaded that he won’t be on his phone after sleep time.

The dad shared his method in a video posted to Chinese social media platform Douyin, and hoped to get his son to play for 24 hours in order to show him how bad for your health it can be to prioritise gaming over things like sleeping.

After his son agreed to his terms, Dad phoned his child’s school to tell them he wouldn’t be coming in that day, and let his son continue playing his game.

By 7.30am, the boy was still going strong and enjoying his time on the unnamed video game, but after 12 straight hours of gaming, he failed to fight off the desire to sleep and dozed off at 1.30pm.

Huang immediately woke his son up and told him to keep playing, and the youngster managed to keep going for another few hours, until he reportedly “pleaded for forgiveness” at 6.30pm – 17 hours after he was first caught playing.

What would you do as a guardian if you were caught in the same scenario?