Thousands of secondary school students flooded the USP Laucala Campus to decide on their career path from the informative Vodafone University of the South Pacific Open Day 2023.

Students mostly felt inspired to make USP their choice for tertiary education and capitalized on doing online provisional applications for 2024 semester 1.

Inspired students of Sabeto College Nadi visited the Open Day for the first time.

Year 13 arts student Atelaite Tukana, who aims to be the first in their family to study at USP and graduate, felt the Open Day was very informative for her career choice in business administration.

Tukana expressed her excitement after meeting the Vice Chancellor Pal Ahluwalia in person and taking a selfie to show her colleagues back in school.

She says the 4 hours of bus travel was worth the wait from Sabeto to USP as she will return knowing her career pathway will begin to take shape from studying at USP.

Meanwhile, Tilak High School pure science student Fahmaida Riaz who felt overwhelmed by the USP science creative display booth made her decision to pursue law studies at USP.


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