This has to be the purest content ever.

Fiji Bati and Penrith Panther’s superstar Viliame Kikau will be playing in his 100th NRL match today. Emotions run high when it was time to present the hard-running second rower’s jersey, it started with his family members sending videos of how they were proud of their Momo and Uncle Vili.

This whole presentation was concluded by Kikau’s parents sharing how they were proud of his achievements. The 26-year-old juggernaut has come far from his earlier days at North Queensland where he was a fan favourite, and even when he moved to Penrith, there was no doubt that he would be a Premier Champion.

If you think that was the end, prepare the tissue cause it’s not over. Billy’s biggest push when he was coming up in the NRL came from his elder brother Jope, who made the trip to Australia to be part of the jersey presentation. Seeing their Brotherly love is the most beautiful thing ever.

Don’t believe me well watch this,

Kikua’s Panthers will face the Dragons tonight at 7 pm.