As kids, we are taught to always speak the truth and never lie. Who teaches us these values, adults like our parents and elders, but this is a big misconception. Don’t get it twisted our parents have once in while lied to us and even told us something that was not based on facts. This is not a call for revolution but maybe next time you’re telling a youngling to not lie, think of yourself.

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The whole “don’t lie” is always fine and dandy but when our folks need us to lie for them, now that’s a different ball game……that’s when the suspenseful music starts to play while you process the information. Even if you refuse this request ouuuuffff that’s when you find yourself between a rock and hard ( DANGEROUS) place.

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Storytime my dad wanted me to outright lie to my aunty about him not being to come to her house to do some jobs. He was on leave and offered to help her with the renovations at her home(all his fault). So the plan was if my aunty calls me, I was to give a big glorious excuse about how he is helping children in wartorn Africa or whatnot. Don’t get me wrong I love my dad but I needed to use this as a learning curb for him. This was finally the time to show him I listened to him and mom when they taught us never to lie.

So this tale sees the son becoming the teacher and so I told my aunt the truth, my dad was lazy and wanted to enjoy his first day of leave. After the phone call, I felt like Mulan bringing honour to the family. Well, long story short can I crash at your house pleaseeeee!!!

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