This has to be the weirdest prank known to man.

While many were enjoying their St Patrick’s day celebrations there was one lady who took things a bit too far. She was seen on a video kissing men on the back leaving lipstick stains on their t-shirts.

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While the woman seems very amused with her prank, many people have voiced their criticism and anger, saying doing this without the men’s knowledge was not acceptable.

Many said the lipstick mark would be ‘unexplainable’ and could lead to some very awkward conversations between the men and their wives and girlfriends, with female partners assuming they had been unfaithful.

Woman dubbed the 'lipstick bandit' who was filmed planting kisses on St  Patrick's Day | Daily Mail Online
The Lipstick Bandit

one person said

‘This is terrible, she ruined a lot of relationships,’

Others added,

‘She’s trying to get these guys into trouble,’

‘That’s beyond petty, that’s a complete stranger,’

Some other commenters also said the act was completely inappropriate, given she did not have permission to kiss the men.

‘She’s kissing them without consent… also she’s ruining their shirts,’ – …….-‘If a guy was doing this, you would all be mad, double standard,’



So the next time you find lipstick on your t-shirt, you know who to blame….’THE LIPSTICK BANDIT’


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