Ok now this is going to contain a few spoilers? May come true, maybe not, but hey as comic book movie fans we all like to speculate aye?By the looks of it, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be one wild ride. The film is set to showcase one of the biggest casts of Marvel characters since Infinity War, while also furthering the storyline of our favorite sorcerer. While we all like to imagine what could happen , here’s a few things I think is most likely to happen:

Captain Carter Cameo

The appearance of Strange Supreme in the trailers has made fans wonder if other characters from Marvel’s What If will make an appearance, and recent speculation suggests that fan-favourite Captain Carter could appear.

Recently, fans have spotted the character’s Union Jack shield on a recent poster but have been questioning what form she will appear in. While it would seem pretty believable that Hayley Atwell would physically appear as the character, some suggest the animated version from What If could appear in an animated universe that can be slightly seen in the trailer.


House Of M Emerging?

In a film that appears to be filled with several shady characters, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) may be the biggest question mark of all. Will she help Strange restore order to the Multiverse? Or will she take matters into her own hands just to bring back her “sons” Tommy and Billy, who were last seen in WandaVision?

There was so much resentment in Wanda’s voice when she whispered “That doesn’t seem fair” in the latest trailer. This indicates that the Scarlet Witch will no longer permit her powers to be restricted by any code of ethics . As such, in the after-credits scenes of Multiverse of Madness, Wanda might be forging a new reality enveloping the MCU.


Marvel’s Illuminati

Believe it or not, the Illuminati is real in the Marvel universe and is going to make its MCU debut based on the last trailer.

One of the biggest moments of the latest trailer is Strange seemingly being arrested by Ultron-like sentinels and taken to a mysterious panel shrouded in mystery that’s very likely Marvel’s Illuminati. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see the secret group surveying the multiverse and some of its members, which generally consists of Iron Man, Blackbolt, Namor, Mr. Fantastic, Doctor Strange, and Professor X, are suspected to appear in the film.


And I saved the best for last,

Professor X: Enter the X-Men?

Easily the biggest talking point of Multiverse of Madness’ latest trailer is the voice fans heard of the leader of the Illuminati that sounded just like Patrick Stewart’s Professor X.

Frankly, with the character being a major part of the Illuminati in the comics and the film supposedly having some of the wildest cameos ever, Stewart’s return as Professor X feels like a sure thing. Fans have been begging for the X-Men to come into the MCU and Multiverse of Madness could provide that path.