Ever watched a horror movie and wondered what the scene smelt like?

Now you don’t have to worry about that any longer. An AI-driven device is now on sale which releases certain scents to match what’s going on in your movie or game.

Yup, the time is apparently now here where you don’t just visually engage with a world on a screen or feel included in it via 3D glasses or an Apple Vision Pro headset, but you can now also opt into smelling the same odors in a game or movie too.

GameScent has released a device which releases up to six scents to match the odors of what you’re surrounded by within a game or movie.

The description reads:

 “With our advanced AI, audio from your game is captured and analyzed in real time, determining the most fitting scent for each scene. Audio is swiftly processed in the cloud. GameScent’s AI sifts through the sound, pinpointing key cues and events. In mere seconds, the chosen scent is released through the atomizer, syncing perfectly with on-screen events.”

On its website, GameScent lists its cartridges as being for both ‘gaming and movie experiences,’ ‘expertly crafted’ and designed to ‘sync with your favourite scenes, providing a rich, multisensory journey’ to fully ‘immerse you in the heart of your entertainment’.

But what sort of fragrances are on offer?

Well, given the style of most online games these days, it’s only natural the scent selection includes the smells of gunfire and explosions. The other scents are slightly nicer: forest, storm and racing cars. Coming soon are blood, ocean, sports arena and fresh cut grass.

The website adds:

“Events that trigger scents: gunfire, explosion, racing, clean air, ocean, and forest are included. Additional scents are ocean, napalm, fresh cut grass, human exertion, blood, and big city.”

The device is said to have ‘total compatibility with every gaming platform and every game ever produced’ whether you’re on a gaming console, PC, TV or even using a VR headset. This product is be sold on Amazon.

Far-out this will definitely be surreal.


Source: Unilad