Starting next year, WWE Raw, the highly popular weekly pro-wrestling show, will exclusively stream on Netflix. For the past 31 years, the program has been broadcast on TV worldwide.


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However, with the announcement from TKO, the company resulting from the WWE-UFC merger, Raw will become available only on the streaming platform from January. This streaming service will extend beyond the US, offering viewers outside the country access to all weekly WWE shows and live events, including pay-per-view specials like WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Royal Rumble.


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Initially impacting fans in the USA, Canada, UK, and Latin America, the exclusivity will later extend to other nations. WWE Raw, known for its live broadcasts, has aired 1,600 episodes and is a crucial watch for wrestling enthusiasts following the latest storylines.


The move is expected to influence 17.5 million weekly viewers in the US and cater to WWE’s 1 billion followers on social media. Nick Khan, WWE President, expressed confidence in Netflix as the ideal long-term home for Raw’s dedicated fan base. Netflix has yet to clarify if pay-per-view events will be included in the standard subscription.


Additionally, Dwayne Johnson, the renowned wrestler-turned-actor, has joined TKO as a director.


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