Now when it comes to movies that live rent-free in our brains, Bad Boys has to be up there with all the greats.

When they started with the shooting of the first film they had no idea it was gonna become one of the most talked about movies of all time. Bad Boys 1 brought us the laughter of two best friends arguing and the love that two brothers have for each other.

The second film hit the screens and it was even better than the last one, people fell in love with the Detectives Mike Lowry and Marcus Miles.

A couple of years go by and they answer the call of duty again with Bad Boys For Life bringing us again to that feeling of excitement for the duo to say those famous lines again, “WE RIDE TOGETHER, WE DIE TOGETHER, BAD BOYS FOR LIFE”.

Fast forward to 2024, Detectives Mike Lowry and Marcus Miles decide to take down criminals again and go on high-speed chases. Bad Boys Ride Or Die hit the cinemas on June 7 of this year and people can’t wait for another action-packed movie filled with comedy and explosions.