A Nigerian comedian and content creator allegedly lost his sight for about 45 minutes after sobbing for hours in an attempt to cry for 100 hours. They set a world record for the longest time crying continuously.

Tembu Daniel, who goes by ‘237_towncryer’ on Instagram, recently lived up to his nickname by attempting a rather unusual world record – crying continuously for 100 hours.

The young Nigerian began his cry-athon on July 9, but was forced to suspend his crying only 6 hours later, due to some unforeseen side effects.

Apparently, forcing himself to cry for hours non-stop caused Daniel to experience headaches, puffed eyes, and a generally swollen face. However, the most worrying symptom was partial blindness, which lasted about 45 minutes.

Lets try to not go to the extent like this, which could potentially lead to something we will regret for life.

Stay blessed and safe out there fam!