Weddings can be quite the ordeal especially when you’re either the bride or the groom



Having to balance between responsibilities while at the same time entertaining the guests

When you’re the Groom, you become the target of interest, around the tanoa for all the men in your wife’s family…

This morning we consulted with our “pineapple oracle” to get a few tips on how to survive your own wedding as a Groom

Well, the wise words were simple… Just Keep Buzy

Staying Buzy and constantly tending to tasks helps keep you from sitting for too long with your Tavale’s and Momo’s

Having a drivers license is an easy added bonus

While dropping off your family you can make a quick detour to someplace quiet like the seawall or a park… and just cry, right before you head back to playing the victim at your own function

The festive season is here and a number of weddings are planned around this time

Hopefully, this tip will help you out and if you’ve got a few more suggestions… please feel free to leave them with us