One of the most eagerly awaited video games in recent memory, Grand Theft Auto 6 is the subject of numerous speculations every week. Recent rumours have suggested that GTA 6 will cost $150 ($341.23 FJD), and several members of the community are outraged by this.


It makes sense that people are eager to pay attention when something new is released when there is such a sizable following still enjoying GTA 5 and GTA Online. The bad side effect of this increased interest is that many are trying to cash in on the trend.


It’s theoretically possible that there will be a version of GTA 6 that costs $150 ($341.23 FJD) or even more, even though the actual leaks about how much the upcoming GTA 6 will cost are just that—speculation.


No matter how true these statements are when the game actually launches, they are still only rumours until more concrete information becomes available. Most recently, it was claimed that Grand Theft Auto 6 would officially debut in October, putting an end to some of the more dubious leaks and rumours that have been going around among gamers.