The HSBC 7s Series is often an emotional roller-coaster of a season and let’s just says that it has started to roll. Are ready to cheer your heart out, bang on every pot in the house and even shred a couple of tears??

Well, 7s season is such hype but take your advice from an everyday couch coach like myself, take your assurance from the real deal.

Interim Fiji 7s Coach Saiasi Fuli has assured fans that

they will maintain the high standards of what is expected of the Fiji Men’s 7s team.

Fuli adds that

the majority of the players are new to the national 7s set-up.

Some of the familiar faces in the training squad are Jerry Tuwai, Terio Tamani, Josua Vakurunabili, Livai Ikanikoda and Kavekini Tabu.

The HSBC 7s Series will begin with back to back tournaments in Dubai.

With the encouragement from someone who’s gone through the same process, it’s safe to say that Fuli has faith in the boys.

Meanwhile, the final leg of the FRU Super 7s Series will be played from 12th to the 13th of November at the ANZ Stadium and only fully vaccinated players and team officials will be allowed to participate.

Hope you’re ready for the ride!!! GO FIJI GO.