That title caught your eye didn’t it?

Now usually by by the age of 60 or 70 most of us would either by wheeling around in our Hotwheels or using a stick to help us to get around. Even at my , I probably could only run to save my life and nothing beyond that ahaha. However , over the weekend a 70 year old put most of us to shame by running a 100M race and clocking under 14 seconds.

Micheal Kish , a 70 year old stunned an audience at the Penn Athelitics Event last week when he crossed the finish line in 13.47 seconds. That’s a time most 20-year-olds can only hope of beating, yet this grandfather ran it like he was greased lightning.

Now that if that still wasn’t surprising enough , he didn’t actively participate in running track till he actually turned 59, a time when most his age would either be retired and taking it easy or spoiling their grandkids.

Hopefully , I’m still as fit as that when I turn 70. Either that I’ll be chilling in my old age haha