TikTok user Devin McCloud has revealed how she has made a ‘living’ from being a foot model. In a viral clip, the beauty has shared her top tips for getting good feet pics.

Devin McCloud quit the ‘nine to five’ life after she started selling pictures of her feet online – and now she earns enough to live comfortably. She took to TikTok to explain to her fans how she manages to make money while putting her feet up and not doing any traditional work.

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As reports say, the dancer turned foot model is completely open about her unorthodox profession, and she’s shared how she does it.

Her TikTok clip soon racked up a huge 1.3 million views and people were full of praise for Devin’s insight, as one said they had “found my dream job”.

The comment section blew up !!!

Devin said she had to create an Instagram page just for her feet, wear specific jewellery, and find an agent.

She said:

“There are various websites like Feet Finder that you can make money on.”

In a previous video, Devin said that she always has her toenails painted white or with French tips as it attracts more attention from clients.

In another clip that she posted to her account, Devin shared the “benefits” of being a foot model.

These include:

“You’re your own boss, you get to always have your feet looking pretty, you meet a lot of new people [and] everything’s on your time.”

Stunned by the foot model’s tips, many people fled to the comments to praise Devin.

One person commented: “Did I just find my calling.”

Another person voiced: “I was considering this, but I was like nah. Now I see this as a sign…”

However, not everyone was so convinced that they were cut out for the life of a foot model.

One person fretted:

“My feet are atrocious, I’m so mad.”

If you think about it everything can be sold with the right marketing………. Google what can men take pics of to make money!!!


Source: MirrorUk