One cookie at a time, Collette Divitto wants to transform the world.


Divitto started Collettey’s Cookies as a side gig while she was barely 26 years old.


Divitto, who was born with Down syndrome, claims she took the risky move despite having no prior experience as a business owner. She says she was rejected from several job interviews, frequently on the grounds that she wasn’t “a good fit” for the organization.


Currently a flourishing company, Collettey’s, with its headquarters in Boston, ships thousands of cookies and dog treats to households and businesses around the country every week. Divitto notes that over the holidays, that number frequently rises. In just two weeks, she had made 30,000 cookies.


In 2016, Divitto decided to go to a nearby grocery store and ask if they would sell her baked products since she was desperate to get money so she could support herself. They agreed right away after sampling some of her samples.