If you grew up in Fiji, there’s a very very high chance that an old lady has come up to your face or head and sniffed you as their way of kissing you.

Personally, I think this is one of the most comforting things I’ve ever come across here.

It’s just something warm and welcoming about how grandmothers here in Fiji give us kisses.

Growing up, I was told that they do this to minimize passing on any type of sickness that they don’t realize they have so instead of kissing them and leaving behind little bits of saliva, they just aggressively sniff people.

I posted the question on our Facebook to see the explanations that other people might have for it, because I knew for a fact that they’d have differing answers, and I was not disappointed.

Some comments were funny as heck and others actually gave some insight on what the real answer could be,

If you think you have any idea why they do this, let us know in the comments by clicking here.