For as long as I can remember the Word Madhar is often the reward for coming in last in a friendly competition. As a kid, you hated being shipped with Madhar.

The Search of Madhar

Who was this infamous Madhur and why was it that he or she was associated with losers ( You know what I mean). This has to lead me down a rabbit hole to find the origin story. Sadly there was not a lot of information about the so-called Madhar. So we had to dig deep and did some bootleg journalism……We took the streets.

The most common answer was that the mystery started in the late ’90s. The answer ranged from a cutthroat shopkeeper to a pet goat owned by an older gentleman from Labasa.

At this point, we began to think that ‘Madhar’ was not a who but a what.


To be completely honest we have no answers……YET!!! but by hell or high water trust that your Super Vakils Boy will find and debunk the Legend of Madhar.

Don’t worry the search continues as we’ve sent questions to our informant Code Name “Peter Crouch”. If anyone can get an answer Peter will.