The internet was blown away with one word “HAMAZA”.  The catchy sound of beats and a mixture of both iTaukei and English hip hop is the latest sensation to hit Fiji.

Who are masterminds behind this new slang and song? Well, we can thank the youngsters from Cunningham, Suva “OneCrew “.

OneCrew were originally a dance group switched hip hop crew and they have never looked back. The group is made up of 7 young man with a simple goal of sharing their stories to not only Fiji but to the world. The boys explain that this movement was purely for the passion for music and the do it for joy of sharing their stories in from of a song.

The group have collaborated with other groups and the biggest thing is all their music is written, sang and produced by themselves.

What is HAMAZA? Well, the yasa name for Cunningham is Hamzville and the group decided to give their area a fresh and catchy spin-off by taking the word HAMZ and isolating the individual letters to sound out the iTaukei variation of HAMZ which birthed HA-MA-ZA.

The group faced abit of backlash and much like everything new in the world it was hated before it could be understood. The third verse is well crafted metaphor of inhaling the good and exhaling the bad. The song even goes further to say that Hamzville (Cunningham) is a place many people are family but are not related by blood.

Hopefully, this would shed some light the situation and we forecast bright days for the boys.