The number of local artists in our beloved Vitia have become increasingly large and we are more than grateful for the endless amount of talent that our country has continued to produce.

With local music becoming more mainstream, especially in the niche market, there is also a rise of local rappers.

Fijian rappers are nothing new in our country as we have seen the likes of Drixstar, Mr. Grin, Sammy G, Red Child, and more grace our air waves with their clever rhymes and catchy tunes, but the number of rappers that would rap in the vernacular were, in the words of Scribe, not many if any.

So to see that local rappers rapping in their native tongue becoming a thing, it’s nice to see that it provides a fresh sound and can possibly even create a gateway for people to delve into their passion even more.

On that note, a video that was released on YouTube caught my attention last week that I thought was very interesting.

It’s of a group of young men who are rapping about Cunningham, which is where they reside in, showing pride in their community and the hardships they’ve gone through as a young Fijian man.

The song starts off with a quick introduction of Cunningham and straight away, the beat picks up with each rapper getting a turn to deliver their own verses.

You can watch the video below and let us know in the comments what you think.

Let us know in the comments of any local rappers that rap in their native tongue to show them some love!