First of all, let me just make this clear… this is Drix writing with Tifa’s account because he’s a Maroons supporter and doesn’t want anything to do with this News

So to be fair I have decided to write up the most unbias article about the GLORIOUS THRASHING that happened last night with NSW Blues winning 44-12 against the QLD Maroons

I woke up knowing this was going to be a beautiful day cause even though it may have been [4:30 am] in the morning… YOU COULD JUST SEE THE BLUE SKIES

This article has nothing to do with the actual game and technicalities and details thereof


Nathan Cleary avoids serious injury after nasty State of Origin clash | LoveRugbyLeague


But rather the BOASTFUL TAUNTING and just outright DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR of certain fans who will not be named (*cough**MAROONS**cough*)

Anyway what a time to be alive as both sides have a point each now for the State of Origin 2022

To be honest this rivalry makes no sense to me… especially when NONE OF US ARE FROM AUSTRALIA!! HAHAHAHAHA

Can’t wait for the decider that will happen next week, following week, Wednesday

The 13th of July is when it’s all going down

Are you a Blues fan… or are you a LOSER!!

Choose wisely